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Strategic Communication Workshop (SCW)

Date: July 26, 2022 to July 28, 2022
Location: Online

The Strategic Communication Workshop (SCW) is a hands-on, results-oriented workshop that assists commands in the development and implementation of strategic communication plans and processes. Teams should bring their command's strategic plan and/or a command initiative that might benefit from a communication component. Naval Postgraduate School faculty use the latest research and lessons learned from industry and DoD to generate discussion.

Questions To Be Addressed During The Workshop:

  • What strategic analysis is supporting your communication tactics?
  • Who are your key stakeholders and how do they impact the achievement of your goals?
  • What messages are your actions conveying, both inside and outside your organization?
  • How does communication provide the linkage between day-to-day activities and commander's priorities?
  • Are you maximizing your strategic effects with associated communication processes?

Who Should Attend?

Suggested workshop attendees are teams of 4-6 key organizational members led by a Flag Officer, SES, or O-6. Commands should send a diverse group -- seniority, functional areas, and others who are familiar with the initiative (e.g. Planners, IO, PAO, HR, IT, Policy, and/or Operations).

For more on this event, please visit Center for Executive Education online.

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