DAU Equivalencies Instructions
Requesting DAU Course Equivalency for NPS Classes
  1. The first step is to request an official copy of your NPS Transcript. To request an electronic copy of your NPS transcript, click here.
  2. From the SECNAV RD&A website (http://www.secnav.navy.mil/rda/workforce/Lists/FAQs/eDACM.aspx)
  3. You just need to email a copy of your NPS transcript to the Navy’s eDACM Support team eDACM_Support@navy.mil
More Details on Requesting DAU Course Equivalency:
  1. DON DAWIA Operating Gide, Chapter 14.....9, DAU Eqivalent Courses
  2. Defense Acquisition University Equivalency Program: http//icatalog.dau.mil/appg.aspx
Step 1 - Locate DAU Course Equivalency Provider
In order to qualify as a DAU equivalent course, the course must be identified as such on the DAU website. To determine whether or not you have completed a DAU equivalent course, and when, follow the steps below:
  • Navigate to the above site.
  • Click on the "DoD Schools" link.
  • Locate Naval Postgraduate School and find the course number/title and note the equivalent DAU course and dates applicable.
  • Ensure te course was completed on or within the approval period listed at the site.
Step 2 - Submit Request to the eDACM Support Team of Appropriate Service*
For naval personnel, email eDACM_Support@navy.mil and provide the following information:
Your official NPS transcript (normall available 8 weeks after graduation). To request additional copies of your
NPS transcript, click here.
  • First and last name.
  • Last 4 of your SSN.
  • Equivalent NPS course and DAU course codes.
  • Course start and completion dates.
* Each Service has their own DACM office
You will receive an email from the eDACM Support Team indicating that the request has been received/processed. Individuals can expect to see their equivalency displayed on their DAWIA transcript within 3 business days after it has been entered into ATRRS. However, individuals may have to be members of the Acquisition Professional Community to receive such official annotation.