HRO - Employee Relations - Disciplinary & Adverse Reactions

Disciplinary & Adverse Actions

Discipline should not be punitive; it should serve as a deterrent to unacceptable conduct or performance and for correction of other situations that interfere with effective and efficient operations.  A complex host of requirements concerning performance and misconduct govern matters such as progressive discipline and procedural due process.  These requirements must be considered in effecting disciplinary actions.  The most severe of these actions, such as suspensions of more than 14 days, demotions, and removals, are often referred to as "adverse actions."

Practitioners in the employee relations field provide advice and guidance to supervisors on how to address poor performance and employee misconduct.  Supervisors should consult Employee Relations on all conduct or performance matters to ensure that disciplinary or performance actions are accomplished in accordance with applicable DON, DoD, and OPM guidance and criteria.