HRO - Outprocessing


Out-processing Procedures:
A supervisor or the departing employee can contact their servicing HRO POC to initiate the Out-Processing for the employee intending to leave NPS (regardless of reason). You can look up your HRO POC here (PDF). HRO will initiate a web-based Out-Processing ticket and share an exit survey with the employee intending to leave.

The intent of the process is to give the employee at least ten (10) work days prior to their departure date to complete their out-processing, ending with the employee meeting with HRO for final out-processing. Contact your HRO POC for any additional assistance and/or to setup a final out-processing appointment.

Completed exit surveys may be turned in anonymously at the HRO Comments and Suggestion Box located outside the locked door on the second floor of Herrmann Hall at the entrance to the HRO or emailed to All survey forms are marked “optional” and will be maintained at the HRO to identify trends, areas of concern, and training opportunities.