Please make sure to view the section appropriate to your employer type on our Prospective Students page. Failure to do so may cause significant delay with your evaluation.
Application Process

Application Process

  1. Submit Your Application

    • Submit your application BEFORE submitting official transcripts. You will receive an auto-email confirming that your application was submitted.

  2. Submit Official Transcripts

    • Do not email us your transcripts. You must order official transcripts directly from all attended institutions and have them delivered directly to NPS Admissions.

  3. Submit Other Documentation If Required

    • See the “Other Required Documentation” section below for more information.

  4. You Are Evaluated

    • You will be notified via email about your results.

How To Submit Your Application

Click the “Submit Program Application” button on the last page of the application titled “Program Application Details” or you will not be evaluated.

  • You will receive an auto-email confirming that your application was submitted.
  • The status of your application will be marked "Submitted" on your dashboard and the “Program Application Details” page.

Resident Applicants

You may submit up to three applications at once.
It is recommended to apply as early as possible or at least 6 months prior to your intended start date. Acceptance letters do not expire, so you should not worry about applying too early.

Distance Learning (DL) Applicants

You may apply to one program at a time.
You are required to include a curriculum number, academic year, and quarter start.
The deadline to apply is on or before the first day of instruction of the quarter immediately preceding your intended start quarter. If you do not meet this deadline, your application will be rolled over to the next available quarter.

  • For example, if you are applying to AQ1, you must apply on or before the start of AQ4.
  • Please refer to the Academic Calendar for the start dates identified as "Instruction Begins".

Submitting Official Transcripts

Do not submit transcripts before submitting your application. Doing so will cause delays and the inability to link your transcripts to your application.
Order official transcripts from all attended institutions to be delivered directly to NPS Admissions. Transcripts must come from the institution or an approved transcript exchange service, not from the applicant.
One official transcript per institution is required, regardless of the number of applications submitted.
Transcripts must be delivered electronically to or physically to our mailing address:

  • Admissions Office (Official Transcripts)
    Naval Postgraduate School
    1 University Circle, He-046
    Monterey, CA 93943-5100

International Institutions

U.S. students with degrees from international institutions are required to have their degrees evaluated by a service credentialed by the National Association for Credential Evaluation Services (NACES).

Transcript Processing Timeline

Allow 5 business days after electronic download or physical mail receipt to process and mark your transcript(s) as received on your application. Understand that physical mail delivery varies.

Previous Applicants

If you have previously applied and already submitted official transcripts, your transcript status will be updated by the end of the following week after application submission.

Previous NPS Students

If you attended NPS, your transcripts will be added to your file and your transcript status will be updated by the end of the following week after application submission.

USMC Applicants

USMC officers that have already earned a NPS degree can only apply to certificate programs.

USN Applicants

Official transcripts from all undergraduate and graduate institutions are required.

Certificate Applicants

For certificate programs, only official transcripts from all undergraduate institutions are required.

GRE Scores (Federal Civilians Only)

Federal Civilians applying to National Security Affairs curriculums 681–693 are required to submit GRE scores dating back to a max of 5 years.

  • Use Institutional Code 4831 to have your scores sent to NPS.

PhD Applicants

Additional requirements and information is listed here. Your application status will remain marked “Incomplete” and will not be advanced for review until all requirements have been satisfied.

DoD Contractor Applicants

You are required to email a completed NPS DoD Contractor Verification form to in conjunction with submitting your application.

Evaluation Process

Evaluation Process

Evaluation Timeline

Once all required materials are received, NPS Admissions will complete an initial evaluation within 1-3 business days. If an additional evaluation by the department is required, the evaluation timeline varies. We will contact you about any missing documentation.

Acceptance Letter and Enrollment

If and when found academically qualified, we will email you an acceptance letter within 5 business days. The letter has no expiration and may be used at any time. You will be enrolled once NPS Admissions has received an official tuition sponsor letter.

USMC Applicants

Marine officers will not receive an acceptance letter or be notified about acceptance into a program by NPS Admissions, contact your monitor for acceptance details.
Enlisted Marines will receive an acceptance letter.

USN Applicants

Navy officers will not receive an acceptance letter or be notified about acceptance into a program by NPS Admissions, contact your detailer for acceptance details.
Navy medical department officers, will receive an acceptance letter.

Evaluation Timeline

Once all required materials are received, we will continue with an evaluation. The evaluation timeline varies depending on your intended start date. We will contact you about any missing documentation.

Acceptance letter and Enrollment

You will be enrolled once you are academically approved, selected, and funded. Acceptance and program details will be emailed upon enrollment.

Academic Profile Code (APC)

Academic Profile Code (APC)

*2022 Update*

APCs reported as of 1 SEP 2022 have been calculated using a new method to benefit prospective students. This may result in an APC that differs significantly from prior calculations, specifically the 2nd and 3rd digits.

What Is An APC

The Academic Profile Code (APC) is an internal index used for initial applicant evaluation. The three-digit code is calculated by NPS Admissions.

How To Request An APC Calculation

Please follow the “Submitting Your Application” and “Submitting Official Transcripts” sections under the "Application Process" section above. Below are additional instructions and information.

  • All officers requesting an APC calculation must submit an application.
  • Apply as a Resident masters student and select "Not Sure" as the curriculum and start date.
  • If you are a Distance Learning applicant, you do not have to submit an additional Resident application.
  • If you require an APC for a board, please indicate this in the Comments and Additional Information section.
  • Only graded coursework taken at Institutionally accredited schools will be used in the APC calculation.
  • If you already have a degree from NPS, your APC will not be re-calculated with the NPS grades.

APC Calculation Timeline

Once all required materials are received, it will take 1-3 business days to calculate your APC, then an additional 1-3 business days after calculation to report your APC to PERS. We will email you when this occurs or if there is any missing documentation.

  • Once your APC has been calculated, it will be displayed on your application under the Employer Information section.
  • APCs are uploaded into ODCs every two weeks on Saturdays and can be found on Block 47.
  • If Block 47 is blank or if 565 is listed, your APC has not been calculated. Please refer to the “How To Request An APC Calculation” section above to get your APC calculated.

Consult your detailer if your APC does not meet the minimum requirement for a particular program.

  • All APC waiver requests will be handled by your detailer through the Graduate Education Placement Officer, PERS 440C.
  • While the Admissions Office does work with the Graduate Education Placement Officer on waiver requests, it is your detailer who must ultimately advocate for any waivers.