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DOD Performance Management and Appraisal System (DPMAP)

DPMAP streamlines performance management throughout the DoD, ensuring all eligible employees are on one system, with one rating cycle, with a few exceptions. NPS was granted an exception to the single unified rating cycle out of respect for its academic calendar. Read the latest guidance here: NPSINST 12430.1A Performance Management and Appraisal Program 20 Oct 21 (PDF).
DPMAP was born of the National Defense Authorization Act of 2010, which  repealed the statutory authority for the National Security Personnel System (NSPS) and mandated a fair, credible, transparent, enterprise-wide performance management program.  A collaborative labor-management initiative began in 2010 leading to recommendations, which were vetted through the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) and relevant DoD Components. Those recommendations led to the creation of the current DPMAP system. Once full implementation of DMPAP is complete, over 145,000 Navy and over 600,000 DoD civilian employees will be on the same performance management program. It ensures collective responsibility between managers, supervisors, team leaders (where applicable), and employees for creating a work culture and environment that promotes high-performance through engagement, continuous communication and feedback, and recognition throughout the rating cycle.


Access the DCPDS Portal (MyBiz+) with your CAC Card to access My Performance Tool.

  • First Time Users click "Register" under First time Smart Card user, then you will enter User ID and Password
    • Your USER ID and PASSWORD is your Social Security Number (SSN) with dashes (example 123-45-6789).
  • You will enter your SSN a total of (4) FOUR times.
  • Once you have gained access and return to the site, click "Login" under Returning Smart Card user.


DPMAP Training PPT Slides

DPMAP Resources

My Performance Tool Training

Closing and Deleting Performance Plans

Closing and Deleting Performance Plans.  The following provides instructions for closing and deleting performance plans of employees and former employees:

  • Rating Officials and Trust Agents.  Rating Officials and individuals designated as Trusted Agents may close or delete performance plans.  Performance Plans may be Closed only when the plan status is ‘Approved’ or ‘Modified’ and Deleted if ‘Pending’.  See page 19 of the attached User Guide for Completing Key Actions in MyPerformance.   
  • Secure Appraisal Administrators.  Secure Appraisal Administrators may Close and Delete performance plans under the Super User functionality.  To search for a record of a former employee as a Super User, you cannot search by the Employee Name or Appraisal ID.  The search function cannot locate former employees by Employee Name and Appraisal ID.  You must search former employees by entering the Rating Official Name.  For instructions on how to Close or Delete a performance plan, please see pages 9 and 10 of the attached Secure Appraisal Administrator User Guide. 

 If you’re still not able to locate the employee record by searching by the Rating Official Name or do not have the Rating Official Name, you may submit a request to your servicing OCHR Operations Center for assistance.

  • OCHR Request.  When an Appraisal Administrator is unable to query the record of a former employee in MyPerformance, you may submit a request to your servicing OCHR Operations Center via the standard process for assistance.  Please indicate the Employee Name, Appraisal Year, Rating Official Name (if available),  nature of request i.e., Delete or Close, and justification.  If the issue cannot be resolved by your servicing OCHR Ops Center, they will elevate a ticket to OCHR HQ for further assistance.