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The Naval Postgraduate School offers first-class graduate degree programs in a wide variety of disciplines to eligible U.S. military students, international students, Department of Defense (DOD) civilian employees and a limited number of defense contractors.

All U.S. applications are processed by the Admissions Office, but the final acceptance decision is determined by the appropriate department faculty. International applicants should go here for further information. Some departments may have additional application requirements and they are outlined in the Naval Postgraduate School Academic Catalog. Be sure to review eligibility and department application requirements before applying.

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How to Apply

Visit the Admissions site for current information on how to apply. For FAQs regarding the admissions process, please visit the FAQs page on the Admissions site.

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Master's Programs

NPS master’s degree programs are available to officers of all U.S. military services, civilian employees of the government, a limited number of DOD Contractors and selected international students from allied nations. A candidate entering any master's degree program must possess a baccalaureate degree from a regionally accredited institution; or in the case of foreign students, a recognized institution. A detailed listing of the standards for admission can be found in the Academic Catalog. GRE Scores are required for some programs see: Master's Program.

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Ph.D. Programs

NPS doctoral degree programs are available to officers of most U.S. services and civilian employees of the government. The annual NAVADMIN and MARADMIN announces the call for Naval Officers (USN and USMC) to apply to Ph.D. programs under the annual USN PMP or Doctoral Studies Program or under the USMC Doctor of Philosophy Technical Program (PHDP-T). International students from select allied nations applying to a doctoral degree program must click here. For more information on Ph.D. programs and admissions requirements, please visit the Admissions site.

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Distance Learning

NPS Distance Learning (DL) enables students to earn certificates or degrees at locations across the nation and around the globe. Courses may also be taken on campus in Monterey for resident students. Visit the NPS Online Distance Learning website for more information.

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