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On this webpage, you will find important information about Academic Programs and Administrative and Support Services. The office of Academic Administration encompasses Admissions, Registrar, Scheduling, Python, and administrative support of the Academic Council.

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Academic Affairs

Academic Affairs is the principal organization, under the President and Provost, responsible for oversight and coordination of the university's graduate education and academic programs. Visit the site  

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Academic Calendar

View important dates for the current Academic Quarter and access archival calendars. 

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NPS is required to maintain accreditation by Title 10. NPS’ accreditation policy is to seek and maintain accreditation for the university as a whole, and for all units and/or programs for which separate accreditations are available.

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The Naval Postgraduate School offers first-class graduate degree programs in a wide variety of disciplines to eligible U.S. military students, international students, Department of Defense (DOD) civilian employees and a limited number of defense contractors.

All applications are processed by the Admissions Office, but the final acceptance decision is determined by the appropriate department faculty.  Some departments may have additional application requirements and they are outlined in the Naval Postgraduate School's Academic Catalog.  Be sure to review eligibility and department application requirements before applying.

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Faculty Affairs

Faculty Administration supports NPS leadership, administrators, and faculty in planning and managing NPS faculty and academic financial and human resources. Visit the site (required log-in)  

Administration - Registrar


For academic record related inquiries, please visit the site   

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